Handmade in small batches

We make all our dishes by hand, because we want to make the best possible food, not the most possible meals. This way we can keep an eye on quality, while adding a healthy dose of love and passion into each dish we serve.

Carbon neutral delivery

Our Carbon Neutral Delivery with DPD is just £3.50. Affordable and kind to the planet! We’re really excited about their commitment to carbon neutrality. You can read more about it here

Perfectly portioned meals

We design our meal sizes to be just the right amount for you and a friend, to make dinner time that much easier. Fresher food, zero waste, and ready to cook at your convenience. 

Frozen by nature

Freezing was the first and is still mankind’s most natural way to preserve the goodness in your food. Once our chefs are done preparing, cooking and plating each dish, they are gently frozen to lock in all the freshness, nutrients and flavour, while reducing waste in our kitchen and yours.


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