allplants: Super Delicious, Always Nourishing, Ever Planet Positive

Only delicious. Always nourishing. Ever plant-positive. It all started Autumn 2015 and we haven't looked back

Hi, we're allplants. A team of chefs, world changers and health-savvy foodies, making it incredibly easy for you to switch up your own diet sustainably, with minimum effort and zero compromise. We'd love to give you a taste.

To get started, we've made it quick and simple to eat delicious, 100% plant-based meals as part of your busy day-to-day routine. Our dishes are totally plant-based, prepared by chefs, delivered to your door and ready to eat in minutes from frozen. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, partly compostable and mostly reusable. 

And don't let the freezer bit trip you. It locks in your nutrition for longer and makes each dish available on your schedule, while creating a lot less waste in your kitchen and ours.

Because allplants is much more than a food delivery or meal plan service. Switching to a plant-based diet is the most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint, and with only ¼ of Brits getting their 5-a-day, we’re bringing new, super easy ways for you to pack your diet full with veg, whilst caring for our beautiful planet ✨


Check out our full menu here


---  Here's a little more from JP + Alex, our co-Founders:

Late 2015, my brother and I switched to a totally plant-powered diet. It seemed like a no-brainer: for our health and the health of our planet. Quickly, we started to experience the power of eating all plants. It filled us with energy and we soon learnt just how delicious, nutritious and colourful a plant-based diet can be.

It changed us. Physically we toned up. Mentally we became so much more self-aware. Emotionally we felt an ever-increasing connection with our planet and a fixed sense of purpose to build a healthier, more compassionate, thriving world.


On the left: JP + Alex, brothers and founders of allplants. On the right: Lasagne Al Noci - this meaty-looking, indulgent treat is 100% plant-powered using a delicious blend of crushed walnuts, seared courgette + carrot chunks, alongside a sweet passata, all the herbs you'd expect, and one secret ingredient.


It didn't take long for us to commit to one simple goal: inspire the next billion plant-powered people. With the food we make and brand we build, we want to influence the way our world eats. Food is the key to unlocking impactful change to your health, happiness and relationship with the natural world.

Patterned Packaging: it’s no secret that our love of colour, complexity and flavour extends way beyond the plate. Our patterns bring each meal to life and are part of our commitment to living fully and inspiring your kitchen.


Both of us had worked on big projects before, but this was, and is, our biggest yet.

After a series of supper clubs, we threw ourselves full-tilt at developing a way for people across the UK to try imaginative and exciting, unbelievably convenient, plant-based foods. Prepared by chefs in our London-based kitchen, every meal is frozen once plated, ready for you to heat up and enjoy at home or work. Check our menu out here. 

 Our food ethos is simple:

  • Super delicious
  • Always nourishing
  • Ever planet-positive

Keep an eye out for recipes, tips, and inspiration, as we begin to tell stories that extend beyond your dinner table - helping you on a journey to a more plant-powered lifestyle.

It's been a ride, we've now got an incredible team by our side and we're excited you've decided to join us. Our journey would not be complete without kitchens set on fire, 24-hr cooking shifts and any number of day-to-day challenges... but we can handle that!

Our team is growing fast and we each intend to give our full selves every step of the way, to inspire the next billion people to start their journey towards plant power.

Let's change the world ✨

- JP & Alex