The Future is B-Corp

What is a B-Corp? And why did allplants decide we needed to be one? Read on to find out.

allplants is proud to be part of a growing movement of Certified B Corporations: a new breed of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems (kind of like a Fair Trade certification, but for a business). We earned our accreditation around a year ago and here’s why we chose B-Corp life.

The decision to be a B-Corp

allplants is built to inspire and encourage planet positive lifestyles. That’s why we’ve set out to inspire the next billion plant-powered people with our forward-thinking food. We innovate every aspect from field to plate so that mindful living is more accessible, irresistibly delicious and truly sustains our natural world. We never compromise on flavour so why compromise on our environment?

We always have and always will put people and planet alongside profit. And we’re lucky because every (amazing) person bringing allplants to life is a passionate visionary for the radically positive change we want to see in the world.

We thrive on knowing that, as we make the tough decisions to chart a new course, our “little speedboat” is waking up Big Business and helping turn their “destructive oil tankers” onto a new path.

How we became a B-Corp

To qualify as a B Corp, we had to show an explicit social or environmental mission. We had a legally binding responsibility to consider the interests of not only our people, the broader community and our shareholders but the environment too. To achieve our B-Corp certification, we agreed to pay an annual fee and complete a biannual 'B Impact Report' (a thorough audit measuring our social and environmental impact) to meet B-Lab’s comprehensive performance standards. As a little startup it was tough, but we decided it was important.

In the early days we chatted to a lot of people  including some of the UK’s leading food, tech and impact entrepreneurs — and not all the feedback was good. While a few of them got it, many challenged this “hippie” B-Corp thing: "It sounds nice now, but narrow profit margins in food are going to get in the way of business.” It was scary; we’d already bought a kitchen and set the wheels in motion. But we decided to let these fears go because our critics didn’t fully understand WHY we were doing it. And now we see how useful this process was in ensuring anybody joining us (from team members to investors) is fully on board from the start. Our values are non-negotiable.

The power of B-Corps

Our planet is warming, more and more ecosystems are becoming endangered and the destruction of the environment is affecting humans and animals alike. In today’s climate, no business can afford to ignore the broader effects of its products, operations and decisions beyond their bottom line. Pursuing growth for profit’s sake alone would be foregoing opportunities to help reweave the social fabric and regenerate our natural world. That’d be so ‘90s.

Instead, we hope to see more businesses putting people and the planet at the heart of what they do. It’s exciting to see positive thinking spreading, and it’s all down to YOU voting with your feet (or tastebuds?!) Your support is why we’re here.

When you support a B-Corp, you’re investing in a better future for our planet. It’s your vote for the world you want to see take shape. Governments and nonprofits are necessary, but they aren’t doing enough to solve today’s most pressing problems.

Business is the most powerful force on the planet, so let’s harness it to be a positive vehicle for change.