The Reason Professor Green is Eating More Plants

I wanna sing, I wanna shout.
I wanna scream till the words dry out

4 weeks ago, Professor Green reached out expressing his need to make some dietary changes. He’d tried switching to a totally plant-powered diet before.

Photo credit: Barts NHS Charity

The first four months were “amazing”, he felt full of energy, but as he reached month eight he became “really run down” and realised that - from totally unrelated issues - he had developed a hernia in his stomach. 

With his stomach settled, his head and heart remained transfixed on making the switch, so we’re helping him along, 1% at a time. Here’s why:

“We’re getting to a point where everyone understands the negative effects of animal agriculture on our planet, and the relative suffering of animals. I’m making an effort to up my % of plant and in doing so down my % of dead animal and dairy.”
Professor Green
Photo credit: Professor Green Instagram

There it goes. He said it. When totally transforming your diet, it can be tricky to eat the right foods and make sure you're getting enough of certain nutrients in your diet. We plan to make that easier with our food, blog and tips coming at you throughout 2018.

In case you wondered, his favourite allplants dish so far is our Lasagne. ✌️