Our Guide to the Best Vegan Bevvies

We’ve put together this handy drinks guide to make shopping for bevs that little bit easier.

Walking around a supermarket with the aim of living, drinking and eating better is quite a daunting task. For us, the task became even more difficult once we realised that there were unusual, animal-oriented ingredients hidden in places we didn’t expect, such as in beer and wine. We’ve put together this handy drinks guide, so that you don’t need to worry.


A lot of big names in beer contain no animal products, including Budweiser, Heineken and Corona. Our faves, BrewDog, have a large selection of vegan beers – just avoid any containing milk or honey. They also have great alcohol free and gluten free options.


If you're more of a cider person, then check out Old Mout's refreshingly fruity drinks. All flavours are 100% vegan and gluten free, plus they have a delicious alcohol free option. If you fancy something more crisp, then Bulmers cider is always a great shout.


Other than cream-based liqueurs and those containing honey, most distilled spirits are vegan. Bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum can all be enjoyed by us plant-loving folk. Great news for anyone who enjoys a gin & tonic, mojito or glass of whisky.


Supermarket's own brand wines tend to be clearly labelled, so it's easy to see which ones are vegan friendly and which ones to avoid. Tesco do a great Rioja, M&S' Barossa Viognier is amazing and Aldi have their own organic Prosecco. Cheers to that.


We absolutely love Real Kombucha. It isn't flavoured; it's simply the organic tea (like green tea and oolong) and the natural flavours of fermentation. So it's much more like a light cider or Prosecco, making it a great alternative to an alcoholic drink. If you want a bit of flavour in your booch, go for Fix8 — another allplants fave.