Introducing our BBQ Burrito Bowl

Inspired by warmer days and longer, lighter evenings, we know you’re going to love what we’ve come up with…

Caramelised BBQ pulled jackfruit on a bed of lime & coriander rice, with refried beans and smashed avo & corn sour cream, topped with a crunchy carrot & red cabbage slaw.

We’re setting the scene for summer with our BBQ Burrito Bowl

Nothing beats the feeling you get when summer approaches – it’s the best thing in the world.

It’s a sensation that our team of chefs, world changers and health-savvy foodies have captured, cooked up and transformed into a sweet, tangy, fresh hit of flavour.

We also have to say a big thank you to all of YOU. The ideas, feedback and recipes you've been sending us over the past few months have helped us figure out that you'll love this dish. Here's why -

1. It’s as nutritious as it is delicious

In the form of beautiful whole food ingredients, our BBQ Burrito Bowl is bursting with zing, energy and goodness. Each serving of our bowl contains a staggering 4 of your 5 A Day.

The dish is high in iron and a great source of protein and calcium, making it full to the brim with the vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body and mind.

To top it all off, the BBQ Burrito Bowl is also gluten free.

2. It’s laced with the best summertime flavours

  • Whilst we’re loving how nutrition-packed the BBQ Burrito Bowl is, it’s the huge variety of flavours that really bring this dish to life.

  • We made a BBQ sauce from scratch, which tastes (if we do say so ourselves) pretty incredible.

  • Unlike many other sauces of its kind, our BBQ sauce has been carefully created to bring maximum flavour with less sugar than you'd get in an off-the-shelf option. By caramelising the onions before mixing them into the sauce, we have been able to make it sweet, tangy and flavoursome, without compromising on flavour or health.

  • The combination of summertime tastes, such as creamy avo and refreshing citrus, make this dish a hit.

  • 3. It takes us back to our roots

    We’ve been working on our flavour-filled, bursting burrito bowl recipe for two years, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

    The very first meal JP and Alex (our co-Founders) plated up at one of their supper clubs was BBQ inspired. Since serving that first meal to friends and family two years ago, we’ve been set on creating the perfect summertime dish to bring to you.

    After many taste tests, working obsessively to find the perfect fusion of flavour and texture, we selected our spectacular young jerk jackfruit to complement the Mexican-inspired flavour fiesta we’ve plated up for you.

    4. It's thoughtfully sourced

    After selecting an ingredient for one of our dishes, such as young jerk jackfruit, we then look very carefully into how we can source the best quality with as little environmental impact as possible.

    Our jackfruit is sourced from a co-operative called Essential, who “specialise in ethically produced, organic, Fairtrade and ‘free from’ food sourced from all corners of the globe; never by airfreight."

    It’s crucial that all our partners share our core values and beliefs. Just like allplants, Essential are passionate about taste and nutrition, as well as social impact.

    Ready to dive into summertime with us? Add our BBQ Burrito Bowl to your next box.

    It’s perfect as is, but if you’re feeling indulgent why not pair it with a tortilla wrap to take your BBQ jackfruit from bowl to burrito.

    That’s a wrap!