Get meals on us for you and a friend

A note from JP, on how much all of your love and support means to him and the rest of the team.

Wow – what an amazing 18 months!

My brother and I set out on this journey motivated by one key belief: Food is the bridge between people and planet.

We made food our #1 focus, while ensuring everything we do is the best possible choice for our planet, but what we weren’t quite prepared for were the people. You have completely blown us away with your support and excitement for all we’re doing. We’ve now shipped over 200,000 meals, from Dover to Dundee. And we’re only just getting started.

So much of our success since launching has been down to you spreading the allplants love to friends, family and colleagues. Each like, comment and tag on Instagram still feels crazy to us – you’ve embraced our delicious plant-powered dreams and welcomed us into your lives.

And now we want to give something back to you: Free meals.

We’re super excited to let you know that we’ve just launched our allplants friends referrals programme. This will let you treat your friends to free allplants meals, and as a thank you, we’ll add a £10 gift to your allplants account for each of your friends who tries allplants.

So go on, visit and give it a spin - share your unique discount code on social media or via email, with everyone from your bestie who loves food but never has time to cook to your uncle who knows he really should eat more plants.

We’ve tried to keep it super simple and straightforward to spread the word, but let us know what you think of our new referral programme.

allplants would never have grown so quickly without you. Together we’re already inspiring a plant-powered movement that nourishes all life on our planet. So thank you (SO MUCH), and keep being amazing.

Peace + plants,

Founder + CEO